Entry Conditions/Forms



** Entry fee must accompany entry except in the case of Post entries. The Council reserves the right of refusing or Cancelling any entry without giving reason for doing so.

** The P & A Society must comply with the withholding tax Laws i.e. withhold 48.5% of prize money over $50, unless The recipient can supply an ABN or verify that the payment Is to be made to him/her as a hobbyist.

** All exhibits on the day of entry, must be the absolute bona fide property of the exhibitor, and all horticultural produce must be grown by the exhibitor. Vegetables and flowers must be grown by the exhibitor except where stipulated to the contrary. Fancy work and selections must be the work of the exhibitor. The council may call on any exhibitor to make a statutory declaration to certify the statement made there to.

**All entries, except post entries, must be in writing and Signed by the exhibitor or his agent and lodged with the Secretary on or before 6pm on the closing date.

** The Council reserves the right of adjudicating on any questionable entry, or on any point not provided in these rules and to alter the time and or to abandon any events, and its decision on all questions shall be final.

** Judges shall have the power to say if any exhibit not be worthy of a first prize if they consider the exhibit of insufficient merit.

**The Judge’s decision shall be final.

** Any protest must be made in writing, and lodged with the secretary within one hour of judging. The sum of $100 Must accompany a protest and shall be forfeited to the secretary if in the opinion of the Council the protest is frivolous.

** The Society shall not be responsible for any accident that may be caused through or by any exhibitor and it shall be the condition of entry that each exhibitor shall not hold the society responsible, and shall indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising from such accident.

** The society shall not under circumstances be held responsible for any loss or MI delivery or livestock or other exhibits at the Society’s exhibition. The Society shall not under any circumstances be held responsible for any loss by THEFT, STORM and DAMAGED BY WATER, FLOOD or LIGHTNING. Exhibitors and displays of all kinds are accepted only on this condition. The Council advises all exhibitors to insure their exhibits against any or all the foregoing risks.

** All machinery in motion shall be securely fenced or be in such position or of such construction as to be equally safe to every person as it would be if securely fenced.

** Should exhibits gaining a prize be disqualified, the next one on the list does not necessarily gain a prize. The Council shall decide the question.

** The signing of the certificate of entry of any animal shall be taken as a guarantee that the animal is free from disease, so far as is known to the owner. In the case, of Infectious disease being spread through or by an exhibit, the exhibitor shall be responsible. If in the opinion of the veterinary surgeon of the society, an animal on the Showground be so injured or affected by sickness, disease or other ailment as to warrant its destruction or removal from the showground the Society shall be entitled to have the animal destroyed and or removed from the showground and or entitled to require the owner to forthwith remove the animal from the showground.

** In the event of any person occupying a stand or side show on the grounds causing a nuisance or distressing noise or in any way interfering with the pleasure of the public, the Council shall have the power to cancel the occupation of the stand or side show and eject the person or persons responsible for the nuisance from the showgrounds

** District means areas within the Murray River Council

** Edward River Council However, when an animal is depastured for six months of the year in country leased by the exhibitors within these defined areas such an animal may be entered in district classes, even though the exhibitor resides outside the area.

** In all classes where age is a condition of entry, a birth certificate, statutory declaration, baptismal certificate, school certificate or pony club certificate may be called for.

** All competitors MUST provide their own feed and water containers in all sections

** Times and event may be subject to changes.