Farm & Garden Produce 2024

Steward:  Kasey Hillard 0429 899 631    

First prize $2 Second prize $1 (unless stated otherwise)       

Entry Fee $1 Junior 50c


* Please note online closing time for entries:  23rd February 2024

* Drop off times are;

Friday 1st March 2024 8am to 9am

Judging Friday 1st March 2024 10am

* Prize Money Collection 

Saturday 2nd March 2024 10am to 3pm

Sunday 3rd March 2024 10am to 12pm 

* Collecting your items

Sunday 3rd March 2024 10am to 12pm

  • Produce must be grown by exhibitor. Declaration, if necessary, to be made to this effect.
  • All fruit must have stems and leaves left on
  • Vine produce must have stalk left on.
  • Tomatoes must   have stalk left on.
  • Root vegetables must retain their leaves.
  • Judges may need to slice open produce to determine “BEST”
  • All  entries must be collected before noon Sunday, March 5th  or they will be forfeited

Frank Fisicaro Memorial Trophy – awarded to the Most Outstanding Exhibit in Farm and Garden Produce Trophy & $20 


Class 451 Three Apples, any variety

Class 452 Three Peaches, any variety

Class 453 Three Pears, any variety

Class 454 Three Lemons, any variety

Class 455 Three Stalks Rhubarb

Class 456 Best Bunch Grapes

Class 457 Any fruit not mentioned

Class 458 Three Carrots

Class 459 Three Beetroot

Class 460 Three Onions, any variety

Class 461 Three Tomatoes, any variety

Class 462 Three Apple Cucumbers

Class 463 Three long green cucumbers

Class 464 Three Zucchini

Class 465 Any vegetable not mentioned

Class 466 Best Butternut Pumpkin

Class 467 Best Pumpkin, any variety

Class 468 One dozen Eggs

Class 469 One Rock Melon

Class 470 Any Melon not mentioned

Class 471 Heaviest Watermelon

Class 472 Best Bunch of Herbs.

Class 473 Collection of Seasonal fruit presented as a gift

Class 474 Collection of vegetables nicely presented

Ribbon donated by P & A Ladies Committee

Class 475 Sunflower with a Stem no less than 15cms

Class 476 Best Hand Carved Fruit Art


(16years and under)  Entry Fee:50c

Class 477 Longest Zucchini Marrow grown by Child 16 years and under

Class 478 Best Vegetable grown by Child 16 years and under

Class 479 Collection of Vegetables from School Garden.

Class 480 Smallest pumpkin, by weight, any variety. Grown by child 16 years and under

Farm & Garden Produce – Frank Fisicaro Memorial Trophy- The Most Outstanding Exhibit – $20

Class 481 Best Classroom Fruit Art

Class 482 Best Apple Swan Junior