Handcraft 2024

Steward:  Linda Maher 0422 828 074  

First prize $2 Second prize $1 (unless otherwise stated) 

Entry Fee $1


* Please note online closing time for entries:  23rd February 2024

* Drop off times are;

Monday 26th February 2024 2pm to 5pm

Tuesday 27th February 2024 2pm to 5pm

Wednesday 28th Feb 2024 2pm to 5pm

Judging Thursday 29th February 2024 10am

* Prize Money Collection 

Saturday 2nd March 2024 10am to 3pm

Sunday 3rd March 2024 10am to 12md

* Collecting your items

Sunday 3rd March 2024 10am to 12pm

  • New work only and must have been finished in the last 12 months.
  • No soiled work.
  • Exhibits may be rejected if too large to fit into the display cases.
  • All prizes must be collected by Sunday 3rd March 2024 10am – 12pm, or they will be forfeited.
  • All entries must be collected between 10am and 12 noon or they may be disposed of.

Most Successful Exhibitor

Most Outstanding District Exhibit nominated for the Mona Kerr Memorial Trophy – Ribbon donated by P & A Ladies Committee


Class 311 Dressed doll  – clothes only to be judged.

Class 312 Cloth doll, any style

Class 313 Toy, any type


Class 314 One-page scrapbooking, any theme, page, in a plastic sleeve.

Class 315 One-page scrapbooking any theme by exhibitor under 14 years.

Handcraft – Best Scrap Booking Exhibit

Class 316 One page of Scrapbooking by exhibitor with a disability

Other Craft

Class 317 Mosaic (Diamond Dotz)

Class 318 Exhibit made using recycled materials

Class 319 Beadwork.

Class 320 Exhibit suitable for a new baby

Class 321 Article of Canvas work (includes tapestry & long stitch)

Class 322 Useful item for around the home (e.g., potholders, tea cosy, door stops etc

Class 323 Exhibit of Paper Craft

Class 324 Machine Embroidery in the hoop

Patchwork/Quilting – Most Successful Exhibitor

Class 325 NDAS One Person’s Work

3 items of different craft eg. knitting, painting, sewing, crochet etc. Non-perishable, to fit space maximum 1 square metre

Class 326 NDAS Men’s Handcraft

One article of craft or hobby – MEN ONLY – 1 metre table space 

Class 327 Any article of craft made by 80 year and over

Class 328 Any article of craft not mentioned

Card Making

Class 329 Birthday Card

Class 330 Special occasion Cards

Class 331 NDAS Competition: Handmade greeting card

maximum size 20cm x 30cm. Must have envelope  -but not have to be handmade

Handcraft – 1st NDAS Handmade Greeting Card with Envelope

Handcard – 2nd NDAS Handmade Greeting Card with Envelope

Class 332 Bag any type, excluding carry bag

(may include draw string, zippered backpack types) 

Class 333 Exhibit using Natural Resources

Class 334 Two distinct articles, suitable as gifts.

Special Needs Exhibitors, including Yallambee

Class 335 Exhibit using fabric.

Class 336 Artwork

Class 337 Paper Crafts

Class 338 Article not mentioned

Class 339 Article made using commercial felt

Class 340 Article for the Sewing Basket

(e.g., chatelaine, thimble holder, pin cushion etc

Class 341 Any article of metal work.

Class 342 Any article of woodwork

Class 343 Any article of craft not mentioned

Junior Craft from Guides & Scouts

Entry Fee 50c

Class 344 Paper Craft

Class 345 Exhibit including natural resources.

Class 346 Decorated wooden spoon.

Class 347 Article not mentioned.

Class 348 Card making under 14 years

Class 349 Any other craft made by a Junior, 14 years and under

Junior Special Farm Produce

Entry Fee 50c

Class 350 Farm Produce, one page of Scrapbooking in plastic sleeve.

Class 351 Farm Produce Card.

Class 352 Table Centre with Farm Produce Theme

Class 353 Best wrapped Farm Produce present.

Class 354 NDAS One Person’s Work

3 items of different craft eg. Knitting, painting, sewing, crochet etc. 

Non-perishable to fit space maximum 1 square metr

Handcraft – Most Successful Exhibitor

Handcraft – Mona Kerr Memorial Nomonatin – Most Outstanding Exhibit

Ribbon donated by P & A Ladies Committee


Class 355 Open Woodwork

Metal Art

Class 356 Open Metal Art

Metcalfe Family Award – Most Successful Junior Exhibitor Over All Sections

Pavilion – Dr Ian Harper Memorial Trophy Winner

Pavilion – Dr Paul and Family Award – Most Sucessful aggregate over the Mona Kerr Section

Pavilion – Mona Kerr Memorial Trophy Winner

Teenage (15-18 years)

Class 357 Steel Fabrication

Pot stand, toolbox, boot scraper, gate or outdoor table