Patchwork & Quilting 2024

Steward: Lyn Rose 0427 813 193

First prize $2 Second prize $1 (unless stated otherwise)   

Entry Fee   $1 (unless stated otherwise)


* Please note online closing time for entries:  23rd February 2024

* Drop off times are;

Monday 26th February 2024 2pm to 5pm

Tuesday 27th February 2024 2pm to 5pm

Wednesday 28th Feb 2024 2pm to 5pm

Judging Thursday 29th February 2024 10am

* Prize Money Collection 

Saturday 2nd March 2024 10am to 3pm

Sunday 3rd March 2024 10am to 12pm

* Collecting your items

Sunday 3rd March 2024 10am to 12pm

  • Work to be completed in last 12 months and to be entered clean.
  • Exhibit ticket to be pinned by safety pin or sewn to article by exhibitor.
  • No soiled work will be accepted.
  • Please refer to Pavilion Rules 
  • All prizes must be collected Sunday 3rd March 2024, 12pm, or they will be forfeited.
  • All entries must be collected between 10am and noon Sunday March 3rd   

Most Outstanding Exhibit Patchwork/Quilting Ribbon donated by P & A Ladies Committee nominated for the Mona Kerr Memorial Trophy 

Most Successful Exhibitor 

Class 281 Article of Applique (any Technique)

Class 282 Small Quilt (no more than 1.5m)

Class 283 Small Quilt to be Machine quilted by Exhibitor

Class 284 Large Quilt-Machine Quilted by Exhibitor

Class 285 Large Quilt-Machine Appliqued or Machine Pieced Professionally Quilted

Class 286 Large Quilt – Hand Appliqued or Paper Pieced and Professionally Quilted

Class 287 Large Quilt professionally quilted

(to be judged on colour, design & workmanship only)  

Class 288 Small Quilt professionally quilted

(to be judged on colour, design & workmanship only)  

Class 289 Patchwork Wall Hanging or Table Runner or Patchwork Bag

Class 290 Farm Animal Wall Hanging

or Farm Animal Table runner or Farm Animal Decorations

Class 291 Article featuring Hand Stitcheries.

Class 292 Patchwork Cushion or Bag

Class 293 VAS Ltd Patchwork Competition

Rules and Regulations


2 Machine/hand pieced and quilted by exhibitor only.

3 Minimal embellishments small amount only, not to overpower patchwork.

4 Each exhibit entered must be bona fide work of the exhibitor.

5 Professionals are not eligible, which is defined as someone that works professionally or derives the greater percentage of their income in that craft, art form or technique.

6 All work is to been completed in the last twelve (12) months prior to its entry at a Local Show.

7 The competition follows the three levels of competition: Show Level, Group Level and State Level.

8 An exhibit having won at a Show will compete at the 2024 Group Final. The winning exhibit at the Group Final will then compete in the State Final at the 2024 Melbourne Royal Show.

9 An exhibitor having won at Show Level is not eligible to enter the VAS Patchwork competition at any other Show until after the Group Final judging.

10 An exhibitor is only eligible to represent one Group in the State Final.

11 If for any reason a winner is unable to compete at Group or State Final Level, then the second placegetter is eligible to compete.

12 An exhibit having won at State Final is no longer eligible to compete in the competition.

13 If an exhibitor is found to have won more than one Group Final the exhibitor must forfeit/refund all prizes and will be disqualified from exhibiting for 12 months

State Final Prizes:

First Prize: $300.00 Spotlight Voucher & VAS State Final Trophy

Second Prize: $150.00 Spotlight Voucher

Third prize: $50.00 Spotlight Voucher

Patchwork/Quilting – 1st VAS Patchwork Comp – 1 Metre x 1 Metre

Patchwork/Quilting – Mona Kerr Nomonation – Most Outstanding Exhibit

Ribbon donated by P & A Ladies Committee nominated for the Mona Kerr 

Patchwork/Quilting – 2nd VAS Patchwork Comp – 1 Metre x 1 Metre

Memorial Trophy Most Successful Exhibitor

Class 294 Medium Quilt professionally quilted

Class 295 Article not Mentioned

Class 296 Hand Appliqued

Class 297 Article not Mentioned

Class 298 Medium Quilt – machine quilted by exhibitor