Tiny Tots to Junior Show Girl / Boy 2024

STEWARD: Rhiannon Honey 0428 380 442

Saturday 2nd March 2024

CLASSES  8 Months to 5 Years entries taken from 9.00am Judging starts at 10am

CLASSES 6years to 16 years judging starts at 11am

Entry Fee $2.00

– Entries close on the 29th February 2024

Entries and judging will take place on a mobile stage near show Canteen. Previous winners (1st place only) of all sections listed below are ineligible to complete in same sections.

NOTE:  Judging will take place on the Saturday of the Show on the following basis:

(a)     In afternoon clothes only, hats appropriate for local show may be worn.

(b)     General Appearance

(c)     Deportment

(d)     Grooming

(e)     Dress Sense

(f)     Personality


8 Months – 17 Months

Class 2100 Pre-Miss Tiny Tot (8mths-17mths)

Class 2101 Pre-Master Tiny Tot (8mths-17mths)

18 Months – under 3 years

Class 2105 Miss Tiny Tot (18mths-under 3years)

Class 2106 Master Tiny Tot (18mths-under 3years)

3 years – 5 years

Class 2110 Miss Toddler (3years-5years)

Class 2111 Master Toddler (3years-5years)

6 years to 9 years

Class 2115 Miss Autumn (6years-9years)

Class 2116 Master Autumn (6years-9years)

10 years – 12 years

Class 2120 Miss Pre-Teen (10years-12years

Class 2121 Master Pre-Teen (10years-12years

13 years – 16 years

Class 2125 NDAS Teenager (13years-16years)


1.     The competition is conducted annually by Northern District  Agricultural Show Societies of Victoria (NDAS). Entrants must abide by the regulations and decisions of the Association.
2.     Entrants must be residents of Australia, 13 years and under 17 Years inclusive, on the day of the local show, and prepared to Attend 2023 Group final.
3.     Entrant will be required to wear an outfit suitable for Attending a country show.(even if judging is an evening function) No hats and no changing garments is  Permitted for presentation at Group judging.
4.     Awards will be presented to “ Show Teenager” and the Runner-up. A third prize will be presented if six or more Entrants at the Group final.
5.     The winning selection(s) shall be final and binding to the Entries.