Wool 2024

Chief Steward: Amelia Seignior 0428 582 268 & David Wilson

Drop Off before Thursday 29th February to Elders or Nutrien Deniliquin

Judging will commence at 12pm Friday, March 1st 2024

Entry is online at (Show Day Online)

Entry Fee No Entry Fee

Prize Ribbons 1st 2nd 3rd

Prizes for the 6 trophy winners donated by our sponsors

Presentation to trophy winners 10am Saturday 2nd March




Online Entries close on the Friday 1st March 2024


All exhibits must remain on the ground until 4pm on the day of the Show


All exhibits must fill in a Individual Waiver / Bulk Waiver  Forms and bring them upon Entry


Sheep from which fleeces are taken must be the property of the exhibitor for three months prior to shearing.

  •       In all classes, fleeces to be skirted and rolled ready for exhibition
  •         There must be two entries in each class before ribbon is given.
  •        Society championship ribbons will be awarded for best fleece (fleece scoring highest number of points) ewe or wether and ram’s fleece.
  •        Prize ribbons will be awarded to first, second and third fleeces in all classes.
  •        If in the opinion of the judge or steward if any exhibit is entered in the wrong class, he may place same in correct class.
  •        Judged on point system.
  •        All merino and crossbred ewe and whether fleeces unhoused will be eligible for the most valuable fleece competition, to be valued on a visual appraisal using current market values.
  •        Merino ram fleeces are to be judged on points system however the calculation of the top and nail prints is to be calculated on 75% of the skirted greasy weight.

WARGAM TROPHY: Feature section – valuable perpetual trophy donated by Naroo Pastoral Co. Awarded to champion ram fleece of the show and major prize.

OLD COBRAN CUP: this valuable cup is a perpetual trophy donated by the Old Cobran Stud Caldwell NSW. It will be awarded to the champion ewe or wether fleece (Merino) of the Show to be held by the winner for one year, and to be returned to the Secretary one month prior to the next show. A sash will also be awarded to the winner.

CEDAR GROVE TROPHY:  This valuable trophy has been donated by the Cedar Grove Merino Stud Hay NSW (owner L Milliken)  for the best unhoused ewe or wether fleece other than from registered stud. To be won three times in succession or five times in all.

FSF WOOLMAKERS TROHPY: Is a trophy donated by Australian Food & Agriculture Conargo NSW. To be awarded to the most valuable Merino fleece from an ewe or wether run in an unhoused environment.  To be held by the winner for one year and to be returned to the Secretary one month prior to the Show.

EDITHVALE TROPHY:  Awarded to the Most Successful Exhibitor. This is a perpetual trophy, donated by Edithvale Merino Stud

CLYDE MCKENZIE MEMORIAL TROPHY: Awarded to the most Successful Short Wool Exhibitor. This trophy was donated by McCalman Shearing


Merino Ewe or Wether Fleece

Class 2050 Fine Unhoused Stud (2)

Class 2051 Fine Unhoused (3)

Class 2052 Fine Unhoused 8mth (2a)

Class 2053 Fine Unhoused commercial 8mth (3a)

Class 2054 Medium Unhoused Stud (4)

Class 2055 Medium Unhoused commercial (5)

Class 2056 Medium Unhoused Stud 8mth (4a)

Class 2057 Medium Unhoused commercial 8mth (5a)

Wool – Fleece of the Show

Wool – Ewe Merino Fleece of the Show

Wool – Wether Fleece of the Show

Wool – Cedar Grove Trophy – Best Unhoused Ewe or Wether Fleece (not Stud)

Wool – Old Cobran Cup – Champion Ewe or Wether Fleece of Show

Wool – FSF Woolmakers Trophy – Most Valuable ewe or wether unhoused


Wool – Edithvale Trophy – Most Successful Fleece Exhibitor

Wool – Clyde Mckenzie Memorial Trophy – Most Successful Short Wool Exhibitor


Class 3010 Strong Unhoused Stud (6)

Class 3011 Strong Unhoused commercial (7)

Class 3012 Strong Unhoused Stud 8mth (6a)

Class 3013 Strong Unhoused commercial 8mth (7a)

Merino Ram Fleeces

Class 2060 Fine housed

Class 2061 Fine unhoused

Class 2062 Fine 8mth

Class 2063 Medium, housed

Class 2064 Medium, unhoused

Class 2065 Medium 8mth

Class 2066 Extra Strong, housed

Class 2067 Strong, unhoused

Class 3014 Strong 8mth

Wool – Wargam Trophy- Champion Ram Fleece